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నగర: కెనడా
వర్గం: జీవనశైలి

Gusto is a Canadian Category A pay television channel. Owned by Bell Media, it features programming related to cooking, cuisine, and lifestyle, although it has since devoted portions of its schedule to entertainment programming.
The channel was founded in 2013, as Gusto TV, under the ownership of the independent producer Knight Enterprises with a Category B license. The network leveraged its library of original programming, as well as other acquired programming. On May 4, 2016, Knight announced that it would sell Canadian rights to the Gusto brand and associated programming to Bell Media. Subsequently, the Gusto channel was re-launched on September 1, 2016 under a Bell-owned Category A license previously used by its music channel M3; resulting in wider carriage for the new version. Knight retained international rights to the Gusto brand, and will continue to produce new programming for the Bell-owned network.

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